Go-Cup Culture

Cheers to celebrating. To being extraordinary. To that time of year. To the first tailgate of football season. To oyster roasts. To pig pickins'. To flip-flops. To escaping down island. To long docks. To white beaches. To hanging out on a boat. To black tie affairs. To bowties. To sundresses. To porch parties. To roadtrips. To the elusive "green flash". To not being afraid of having fun. To life & love. Cheers to 'la vie dansante'....

Road Tested & Tailgate Approved

What happens in the back of the van usually stays in the back of the van, so we're lucky that this spicy story got out!

The Fat & Juicy brand was born on a band roadtrip from Atlanta back to Charleston the "morning after the night before". It was bandmates Joe Good and John Glenn's desire to have a bloody mary with a homemade taste that drove them to create what would soon become the country's fastest growing bloody mary mix!

Football fanatics, avid sportsmen, and maniacs for music, John Glenn and Joe Good know how to have a good time. Between tailgate addiction and being on stage, the guys are no stranger to the old adage "hair of the dog."

Collaborating on the fully-loaded Fat & Juicy recipe, they eventually made so many one-gallon jugs for friends each weekend that they decided it was time for Fat & Juicy to make it its way onto the shelves.

Living past lives as a software company executive and an attorney, the cocktail gurus now focus full-throttle on Fat & Juicy!

Hey, Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Bad Cocktails!